Anti Money Laundering Advice

Skott Consulting has extensive experience in helping firms mitigate the risk of money laundering within their institutions.

We assess businesses to ensure they meet all relevant anti money laundering legislative requirements. We will take the terms of many governing bodies into consideration and will ensure that the company adheres to the 4th Money Laundering Directive and the FCA Financial Crime Hand Book.    

Expert advice on anti-money laundering policies and procedures

Where required, our team will design and implement financial crime Target Operating Models (TOM) and frameworks in order to combat the facilitation of money laundering within organisations. We can provide advice in the following areas:

  • Governance and control environment
  • Policy, standards, process (re-engineering) and guidance
  • Risk assessments and management
  • People, culture change and training
  • Due diligence and risk & transaction monitoring
  • Intelligence, information, incident management and communications
  • Training; design and deliver through various channels and individually styled from annual training to role specific
  • Remediation of existing deficiencies
  • Assurance, monitoring and Board reporting
  • Regulation change management and environmental screening

Anti money laundering support and training

There are, of course, many resources that have been released by the UK government and other authoritative bodies to help companies assess their response to corruption – and, specifically, money laundering. And while these templates can go some way to highlighting areas of concern and bringing important shortcomings to the fore, we can confidently say that nothing substitutes the specialist expertise of a consultant with many years’ experience in carrying out thorough anti-money laundering risk assessments.    

The consultants here at Skott Consulting will review your standards, policies and processes to determine if there is room for improvement where operations are concerned. The level and complexity of risk various from company to company, but all firms will benefit from a comprehensive report that informs them of their potential exposure to money laundering and corruption. 

After we have completed an initial risk assessment, we will closely work with your Board of Directors to implement changes within your organisation that will not only ensure compliance with official guidance and current regulations, but also promote a culture that does not tolerate money laundering, any other poor financial practices under any circumstances. Where necessary, and if it’s believed to be of benefit, we will deliver anti money laundering training to directors and other key stakeholders.   

Contact us directly for more information on the specialist anti money laundering advice and support services offered by Skott Consulting.