Counter Terrorist Financing Consultants

Skott Consulting exists to safeguard its clients against the ongoing threat of terrorist financing and other related practices.

The role of our consultants is to ensure that the organisation they are instructed to review has suitable procedures in place to protect it from the ever-growing threat of terrorist funding practices, which, despite their dangerous and corrosive nature, have been prevalent in businesses throughout the last ten years.    

Why enlist the help of our counter terrorism financing consultants?

Companies that do not have robust counter terrorism financing frameworks in place will fail to protect themselves against illegal activities. What’s more, if the worst does happen, and they are found to have enabled or facilitated financial transactions that promote terror-related activities, these institutions could be at risk of receiving a significant penalty from the UK government, industry regulators and/or international organisations.    

It’s never enough for such companies to simply assume that “it will never happen to them”. When it comes to counteracting terrorism financing, the best approach is a proactive one. Expert knowledge of counter terrorism regulations and procedures is needed to ensure the correct paths to compliance are followed. The advisors you choose must also have a practical understanding of the work that needs to be done in order to not only achieve full compliance, but add value to the organisation they are instructed to assist.

We can provide advice in the following areas:

  • Governance and control environment
  • Policy, standards, process (re-engineering) and guidance
  • Risk assessments and management
  • People, culture change and training
  • Due diligence and risk & transaction monitoring
  • Intelligence, information, incident management and communications
  • Training; design and deliver through various channels and individually styled from annual training to role specific
  • Remediation of existing deficiencies
  • Assurance, monitoring and Board reporting
  • Regulation change management and environmental screening

Counter terrorism financing risk assessments    

Skott Consulting has a wide range of experience in designing and delivering risk assessments for companies that want to join the fight against terrorist financing. This is the first step towards full compliance with the global counter-terrorist financing policy (CTF), and a vital one that we believe needs to be taken by all financial services companies.

Our counter terrorism financing consultants also have plenty of experience in providing regulatory change management and due diligence with regards to counter terrorism measures in numerous verticals, including the financial services and wealth management sectors. We work closely with directors and other key internal stakeholders to ensure that the systems, controls and frameworks in place are compliant and effective, and that existing deficiencies are remediated quickly where necessary.    

In addition, we are always keen to highlight the important role that senior management teams play in preventing financial crime. Upon request, we will deliver adequate counter terrorism training programmes to ensure all decision-makers within an organisation are fully versed on the implications of implementing a poor or inadequate anti-terrorist financing framework.    

Contact Skott Consulting to learn more about our consultants’ comprehensive approach to counter terrorism financing assistance.