Financial Crime Services

Skott Consulting offers a full suite of financial crime services to companies that are keen to protect their institution against the practices of money laundering, bribery, tax evasion, and other forms of financial corruption.

In the last 30 years, governments around the world have become increasingly aware of, and concerned for, an exponential rise in financial crime across businesses in all sectors. Not only do financial crime practices gradually erode at the foundations of the companies that knowingly or unknowingly facilitate them, they are known to eventually affect the growth and stability of the international economy.

Financial crime is not just committed by hackers, frauds, gangs and terrorist groups who sit outside of organisations. Business leaders, senior executives and their supporting teams also have the power to misreport data for their own financial gain, or to manipulate a company’s true financial position. Our financial crime consultants exist to fight corruption from the top down by not only assessing the threats facing an institution but educating its stakeholders on the wider implications of financial mismanagement to discourage fraudulent or immoral activity.    

We assist firms to ensure they meet their regulatory and legislative requirements, in particular: the Fraud Act, the Bribery Act and the Criminal Finances Act.      

Our financial crime consultants can also help such companies meet their obligations with regards to the 4th Money Laundering Regulations.  

Our financial crime experts can assist firms by:

  • Providing advice on policy, standards and internal processes
  • Carrying out thorough financial crime risk assessments
  • Investigating potential incidences of financial crime
  • Designing and implementing Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) procedures
  • Training key staff on the impact of financial crime
  • Regulating change management and environmental screening
  • Remediating any existing cases or deficiencies

What you can expect from our financial crime consultants

Our aim is always to tailor our financial crime services to the exact needs of the client. Our financial crime consultants will fully investigate the strengths and weaknesses of a company in relation to its anti-financial crime policies and frameworks, then provide a suite of solutions that will mitigate risk and counteract unnecessary oversights.    

We will work according to the current Financial Crime Target Operating Models (TOM) to identify your company’s financial crime prevention objectives, incorporate best practices internally, and document what will need to be done in order to ensure your firm meets existing guidelines.

Our financial crime services typically cover the following:

  • Financial crime risk assessments
  • Compliance assessments and frameworks
  • Training programmes and policies
  • Whistleblowing practices
  • The development of intelligence and monitoring systems
  • Incident investigations and responses

Learn more about the wide range of financial crime services offered by Skott Consulting by contacting our team directly.