Intelligence and Monitoring, Investigations & Incident Response

Assisting Firms to develop their intelligence and monitoring systems and processes for early identification of threats or attacks. Also, intelligence gathering, assessment and reporting adopting of the UK Governments National Intelligence Model (NIM) and best industry practice. If a threat has materialised, then assist in the incident assessment, response planning and investigation in accordance with UK law and industry best practice.

Design and implement Intelligence Operating Models and frameworks including:

  • Governance and control environment
  • Policy, standards, process (re-engineering) and guidance
  • Intelligence risk assessments and management
  • Intelligence sharing protocols and agreements
  • Intelligence reporting
  • People, culture change and training
  • Training; design and deliver through various channels and individually styled from annual training to role specific

Incident Response & Investigations:

  • Conduct risk assessments to any threat or incident of fraud, bribery, or corruption, the facilitation of tax evasion or any breach of policy and standards
  • Conduct in depth investigation, provide an evidential pack suitable for both internal management and external litigation including detailed reporting with lessons learnt
  • Interview staff and suspects in accordance with business policy and where appropriate to judicial alignment
  • Support liaison with law enforcement agencies or oversight bodies such as Regulators